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Instagram is a social network for uploading photos and short videos. It was first introduced just like any other mobile application but it grew rapidly, in particular its large library of filters and tools for retouching photographs grew. Facebook saw a vein in this application and bought it. Today Instagram has over 1000 million users.

Instagram has become a very visual social network. It brings a significant importance regarding the quality of its content. It’s very popular among youths. These young people try to gain popularity by uploading images almost all the time. For many the number of followers which they have is very important to them. Likewise the comments they get on their photos and how many likes they receive.

For all this effort which people put in you would think that it would be desirable to obtain all this data, especially regarding the people in which you already know. Effectively, I want to know if someone is looking at my profile. I don’t want to spend the whole day uploading photos and videos for people to visit my profile and for them just to leave without liking it. Well, let’s explain how to know who has visited your profile secretly and has left without engaging. For these very inconsiderate people, it may be time to reconsider following them.

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First of all, beware of malware

There are many app and pages on the internet that promise you the solution to see the access to your profile. Most of them ask you to install an application on your mobile. Others are based on an extension for your browser. And finally there are pages that directly try to phish your information so that they can steal your data.

Phishing is a technique which implements deceptive advertising. Cybercriminals get the user to enter a fraudulent site. They might get the user to do this via them sending text messages, WhatsApp or emails with fake links. They use hook phrases, as you look at these Instagram photos. The user clicks on the link and arrives at a page that pretends to be Instagram, but it is not the true one. When entering your login and password, the attackers takes control of it and the problems begin.

So do not trust the applications that tell you that they will give you the information you want in an easy way. Nor of those who promise to increase your number of followers. In addition, your Instagram account may end up closed for not meeting the terms and conditions.

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 Applications that do not serve much

Surely more than once someone has told you about an application that allows you to see who ‘spies your Instagram’. Examples of these applications are; InstaAgent or InstaDetector. They are sold as the solution and only will ever end up becoming the problem.

Don’t even trust the ones in the official stores. In the end they are not worth anything and you will only get your mobile phone filled with advertising. If it is already too late and you have installed some. We recommend that you delete them and change the password of your Instagram account.

Now we are going to the subject that concerns us, unlike what happens on Facebook there is not such a simple method to see the intruders of our profile. But we can use certain tricks to see who visits our publications. And keep in mind that this trick allows you to see who is visiting you, without any installation.

The solution: Instagram Stories

If you’re an assiduous user of Instagram, you’ll be very used to the Stories. Instagram Stories are publications in which in addition to uploading photos or videos and adding effects, you can write texts or stories. When published, they remain active for 24 hours, then they are automatically deleted.

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They were created to make your account a diary. To narrate your day to day life. Well, through these publications we can see who visits our Instagram. Although not really who visits our profile, if not that history in particular.

To do this, we must enter the history we have published. At the bottom, where the number of people who have seen the publication comes, we have the key. If you click on it, a window appears with the profiles of the people who have visited the story. In this way we can finally discover who is visiting our profile and we can check wether or not they engaged with it.

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